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This Project is only for the purpose of making sure that Version Control Works for VIVADO.
- This project uses a "Project Mode Approach". No Playing with TCL Files and Scripts.
* IPs are managed in special Folder outside the Work Directory and are included in Version Control.
* RTL Files and Constraints also have a special Folder outside Vivado "Work Folder."
* Block Design Files are also moved outside the WORK Folder and may be updated when needed.
* Only Project File .xpr is included in the version Control. All Vivado Generated Subdirectories are Exluded from Version Control.
In This mode,Plenty of Files are used for Version Control,but they dont need to be changed unless necessary.
This is a so called "Higher Flexibility with Plenty of Files" Xilinx's approach.
More on this can be found here:
- Or in UG994 (ug994-vivado-ip-subsystems.pdf)
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